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TouchingStoryManbehindAjithKumarssuccessinpoverty, Touching Story: Man behind Ajith Kumar's success in poverty
Maybe, the proverb ‘Behind every success of a man, there is a woman behind’ is too hackneyed, but there remains a statement ‘Behind every success of a man, there is a friend beside’. Though not throughout the life, they would have been a stepping ladder for their friend’s success. Ajith Kumar’s success has been a great inspiration for many youngsters in the society today. But not many of us knew that there was a person behind his success, who is none other than Subbayya, who is a wholesale vegetable retailer in a town near Madurai. When the actor was struggling to become an actor, it was Subbayya who supported him financially and launched him as an actor through the film ‘Vennila’. Subbayya mortgaged 120acres of his land in Ooty and produced this film. Due to some issues, the film’s shooting stalled. Even at this point of time, Subbayya didn’t give up and insisting that Ajith will come up in life. Sooner after a year, actor Ajith Kumar got the opportunity in ‘Amaravathi’ that took him to greater heights. Again, he was hit by an accident at Mount Road and was immediately admitted in the hospital. Apparently, Subbayya gave him whopping money of Rs. 25,000/- during that point of time. But Subbayya breaks down in tears now saying that he doesn’t know whether Ajith Kumar, the ‘Thala’ will recognize him for it has been 17 years they met face to face. He confesses that he doesn’t know about the location of Subbayya, where he is staying now. Moreover, Subbayya confesses that he doesn’t want to meet Ajith Kumar as a loser.
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