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BBCpresentersinterviewwithMarkZuckerbergbrandedonelongadvert, BBC presenter's interview with Mark Zuckerberg branded 'one long advert'
London, Dec 6 : Popular BBC news presenter Emily Maitlis has been criticized for ‘fawning’ over Mark Zuckerberg during her one hour interview with the Facebook founder, which has been branded as ‘one long advert’ for the social networking site. Scores of viewers complained about the BBC TWO programme, Mark Zuckerberg: Inside Facebook, that was broadcast on Sunday evening. Viewers took to online forums in droves to express their astonishment at Maitlis’s “swaggering” style and the manner in which she interviewed Zuckerberg. Twitter was deluged with comments about the perceived scale of advertising for both Apple and Facebook that the one-hour documentary allowed. In the documentary, as Maitlis wandered around the website’s San Francisco headquarters, the majority of the staff were using Apple computers and technology, the Telegraph reports. “I thought BBC didn''t do advertisements? I''ve just watched an hour-long advert for Facebook on BBC TWO!” a viewer wrote on Twitter. Others criticised Maitlis’s casual style and choice of clothing, bemoaning the fact that she had “tottered around” casually dressed, whilst “fawning” over Zuckerberg. Describing the programme as “poor journalism, another viewer said they would have liked the documentary to delve further into the actual creation of the website and its highs and lows, beyond the general office atmosphere. Meanwhile, a BBC spokesperson has insisted that the programme had not breached guidelines. “Mark Zuckerberg: Inside Facebook adhered to BBC guidelines and was an editorially justified business documentary. The programme featured a range of views from several well-qualified critics of Facebook and challenged Facebook about its policies in some areas,” the spokesperson said.
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